To My Son.

I look at you, you look at me

I truly wonder what it is you see.

Your smile spreads across your face

It warms this room, this dreary place.


I wonder at the look you show to me

ponder the thoughts on bended knee.

I look down at you my little child

and cannot help but return the smile.


You changed my life so totally

I must rethink my priorities.

Things that mattered suddenly seem old

replaced by love without a goal.


My life is changed, this I accept

gladly, completely, without regret.

New meanings replace the old that die.

My love for you on me rely.


One thing is certain, in all situations

I Love you my son, without hesitations.

I look forward teaching my son, my blood

In learning together, the meaning of love.


by The Djay (George)

(Note: I was sitting at the keyboard today, May 21,1998 and these thoughts just came out.)

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